A welcoming venue

The Bridge Wellness Centre is a unique facility serving residents of all ages from throughout the Dalbeattie and surrounding Stewartry area.

Fiona recognised there were no publicly available gym facilities in Dalbeattie - which meant a 28-mile round trip to Dumfries and she felt the former health centre in Dalbeattie would be an ideal venue to incorporate an exercise studio hosting a range of complementary activities including yoga, tai chi, pilates, fitness and dance classes alongside therapy rooms where sports & remedial massage, foot health care, nail care, classical reflexology and acupuncture. 

Says Fiona: “I wanted it to be more of a social experience as well. Other fitness clubs can be a bit impersonal and daunting, while we are small, friendly and local.

“We want to create a more welcoming venue for anyone who wants to improve their fitness levels or take part in the many classes hosted here but where you can also come and receive treatments to aid your wellbeing." 

Fiona and her team welcome all enquiries and can be contacted by email or on 01556 612722.