The Gym is now open but all sessions must be pre-booked. 
The Exercise Studio has also re-opened and we will be building the timetable back up gradually over the summer
All classes must be pre-booked either directly with the instructor or by phoning/emailing The Bridge Wellness Centre as numbers are very limited. We will have to do everything a bit differently in order to keep us all safe and will be starting off with a very much reduced timetable thus enabling more time between the classes to allow for extra cleaning.
The gym may be booked on 45 minute private hire (£5) or as a bubble of up to 3 friends.  Time has been allowed between each session for extra cleaning and fogging. 
Please bring your own exercise mat if you need one for your class and also for the gym. 


9.15 - 9.45am  TotalTone (Low Impact) £5 with Caroline  Fully booked

10 - 10.30am  Metafit (outside) £4  with Caroline 

11am - 12noon MMM Health & Wellbeing Movement  £6 with Sara Lockwood

5.30-6pm  Metafit (outside) £4   with Caroline


10-11am   Pilates with Amy Fully booked

1.45-2.30pm 2-4yr olds Dance & Cheer with Ultimate Dance Effect  

3.30-4.30pm 5-8yr olds Dance & Cheer with Ultimate Dance Effect 

4.45-5.45pm 9-14yr olds Street Dance with Ultimate Dance Effect  

6.15-6.45pm TotalTone (Low impact) £5 with Caroline  Fully booked


9.30-11am Mindful Yoga with Su 

2 - 3pm  Tai Chi  £6  with John Burns 

5.30-6pm Metafit (outside) with Caroline £4

7.30-8.30pm Tai Chi £6 with John Burns 


9.15 - 9.45am  TotalTone (Low impact)  £5  with Caroline Fully booked

10 - 10.30am  Metafit (outside) £4 with Caroline  

6 -7pm     Pilates with Amy Fully booked  
7.15-8.05pm Zumba with Amy

9.30-11am Mindful Yoga with Su 


9.30 - 10.15am MMM Health Play Dance & Creative Movement (3-6yrs old) with Sara Lockwood 

10.30-11.30am MMM Dance, Creative Movement & Improvisation (7-11yrs) with Sara Lockwood 

11.45 - 12.45pm MMM Youth Dance, Choreography & Improvisation (12-18yrs) with Sara Lockwood 

If you need any further information on classes class please call 01556 612722